​UCOM UrbanServ, Inc

Panera donated over 15,200 items of fresh breads and bakery items to UCOM in 2016.  This amazing partnership not only saves waste, but gets a left over muffin into a hungry belly, and loaves of bread to families in need.


Business and Community Partners

 Independent Lawns LLC

UCOM UrbanServ. Inc organizes and recruits volunteers for Aging True Meals on Wheels program.  UCOM UrbanServ Inc coordinates the largest route for Aging True meals on Wheels.

Location: 4250 Lakeside Dr #116, Jacksonville, FL 32210

Phone: (904) 807-1203

Website: agingtrue.org

Peninsular keeps us free of pests!  

Location:  2609 Phyllis Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32204

Phone:  (904) 389-3491

Website:  www.crittergitter.com 

G2 I.D. Source:  Helping your business grow through the latest technology in printing and labeling solutions including barcode and RFID asset tracking systems.

Location: 1511 Montana Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32207

Phone: (904) 302-5899

Website: www.g2ids.com 

Pilot Club of Jacksonville's mission is to serve by furthering Pilot International's humanitarian efforts through charitable, educational, and research programs in communities throughout the world.  This amazing group are generous contributors to UCOM's annual Breakfast with Santa.  


Molina's mission is to provide quality health care to people receiving government assistance.  They are now UCOM Food Pantry's premier paper bag supplier!  Molina's generosity  lowers UCOM's overhead so we can focus on providing generous food support to our neighbors in need of food assistance. Molina is also a sponsor of a mobile food pantry and their volunteer team helped us provide an amazing Breakfast with Santa in 2016.


Jason is a local, born and raised.  Now raising his children in our great city.  Jason's way of giving back is by providing lawn service for UCOM!  Less overhead means more food for our neighbors in need!  Help us thank Jason for helping us make sure no one faces hunger alone!

Independent Lawns LLC

(904) 554-9703


Feeding Northeast Florida is our partner Food Bank here in Florida.

Location: 1116 Edgewood Ave N D/E, Jacksonville, FL 32254

Phone: (904) 513-1333

Website: feedingnefl.org

The Rotary Club of Deerwood helps sponsor our Summer Lunch Program for children.

Location: 10239 Golf Club Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32256

Phone: (904) 282-1945

Website: deerwoodrotary.org

If you are looking for a reputable, professional and fully insured tree service company, then you have come to the right place! Ogden Tree Service Inc. pride themselves on customer satisfaction, and UCOM is more than satisfied.  We are thrilled!  This year, they have generously helped us remove a leaning tree that would have fallen on our new roof!  Thank you, Ogden Tree Service!