At this time, UCOM will be open, but modify how we interact to stay aligned with the city’s ‘social distancing’ efforts.

Our first priority is our volunteers, our most valuable resource, and the neighbors we are serving.  If you have a fever, or feel unwell – stay home and get better.  Call if you need food delivered.  If you have been tested or are being treated for suspicion of Covid-19, please let us know. 

 UCOM will operate as a drive-thru pantry for the next two weeks.  No client will come into the building – our doors will stay locked.  Our ESC Manager will have the appointment list and stay outside to check off arrivals. No one will have contact with clients, only their cars:

  • All clients will stay in their cars and honor their appointment times
  • There will be no ‘walk-ins’ – all need to call to make an appointment
  • We will have groceries prepacked and on rolling grocer carts parked outside marked with client’s names for them to pick up themselves (with direction from me or Liz)
  • We will put up a tent to park the roller grocery carts – food is fine as long as it doesn’t sit longer than 2hrs (we will be well within that timeframe)
  • Office staff will have no physical contact with clients in anyway
  • Grocery packers will have no client contact in anyway
  • People who usually roll the food out to clients will have limited contact with clients’ cars if the client is disabled and unable to get out of car – but all clients will be strongly instructed to stay in their vehicle while we put the food into their car
  • We will continue to have hand sanitizer and continue to be mindful with wearing gloves and good hand hygiene and food safety practices
  • We will continue to wipe down and sanitize every surface touched frequently

 If you are able to come and volunteer, we need you, especially to pack groceries. But, all volunteers are asked to follow their doctor’s recommendations and set the boundaries they need. We honor and support your needs.   We will not accept ‘drop in’ volunteers over next week, and no teenagers will be volunteering.  We will need more help, and I am pre-screening any additional volunteers to limit any volunteer to volunteer risk.

As deliveries are scheduled, I will send you all an email ‘heads up’ so you will know if there will be additional unloading.

 As donations show up – we will have them placed outside on a table; as able, volunteers will gather and bring into building.  Our goal is to have no one but approved volunteers in the building over the next two weeks while we work to keep our scheduled clients’ needs met. 

  • The Emergency Services Center, located in the Old Phillips Congregational Church at 3349 St Augustine Rd, is home to our administrative offices and our food pantry.
  • Operating Monday through Thursday from9:30amuntil 12:30pm, the food pantry serves residents of the 32207, 32216, 32217, 32256, 32257, and 32246 zip codes.
  • Appointments are required and can be made by calling 904-396-2401 during operating hours. We can often accommodate a same day appointment, but because of COVID-19 NO WALK IN APPOINTMENTS WILL BE MADE AT THIS TIME. 
  • UCOM will operate as curbside pantry for the next two weeks.  No client will come into the building and must stay in their cars during food distribution


or email Jackie at . 

Emergency Services / Food Pantry